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Class registration at least 90 min prior to class is recommended. Classes with less than 3 pre registered participants may not run. 

Thank you for your understanding as we strive to respect the time of our clients, teaching artists and accompanists :) 

MAY 2023

5/1: Adv. Ballet w/Kerry Parker

5/2: Mat Pilates w/Amanda Sachs

5/3: Foundational Ballet: Playlist w/Anna Novak (sub)

5/4: Adv. Ballet w/Amanda Sachs

5/5: Adv. Ballet w/Helen Hatch

5/8: Adv. Ballet w/Kerry Parker

5/9: Mat Pilates w/Amanda Sachs

5/10: Foundational Ballet: Playlist w/Kendall Kramer

5/11: Adv. Ballet w/Leah Gallas

5/12: Adv. Ballet w/Berit Ahlgren

5/15: Adv. Ballet w/Kerry Parker

5/17: Foundational Ballet: Playlist w/Kendall Kramer

5/18: Adv. Ballet w/Berit Ahlgren

5/19: Adv.Ballet w/Yuki Tokuda

5/22: Adv. Ballet w/Kerry Parker

5/24: Foundational Ballet: Playlist w/Kendall Kramer

5/25: Adv. Ballet w/Leah Gallas

5/26: Adv. Ballet w/Helen Hatch

5/29-6/11: NO CLASSES as we transition to our new space!

Sign up for class by choosing a date from the calendar below.


Registration at least 1 hr prior to class is appreciated.

Virtual option now available upon request. Please email or reach out via DM on instagram @communitymovementcollective to set up this option.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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